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A Brief History of David Wittig

Based nowhere, David Wittig is driving around the US making art and shooting commissioned work. He lives out of his small car. When he’s not taking, editing, writing, reading, or thinking about photos, he’s likely out driving his car.

Age 5: Survives (through no effort of his own) five years living under a military dictatorship.

Age 6-8: Is raised on an exclusive reading diet of National Geographic.

Age 9: Decides the English language is poorly designed, needlessly complex, and probably useless for his future. Vows only to speak in Spanish.

Age 10: Visits 10th country in as many years.

Age 12: Learns English, despite vow.

Age 16: Lands first magazine cover.

Age 18: Obtains drivers license, promptly embarks on a 6-country, 3300-mile road-trip. Later that year, he contracts and miraculously survives Cholera while traveling in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. 

Age 19: Swims in two different oceans in the same day. Retroactively adds that to his bucket list.

Age 20: Discovers that if he can defend why it is a cohesive course of study, his college will let him design his own major. The committee approves the mishmash of art, political science, philosophy, and debate classes under his argument that he is studying how art can effectuate social change.

Age 23: Travels to Italy to visit girlfriend. Falls in love with Italy, breaks up with girlfriend.

Age 24: Decides to shoot weddings to support himself. Will eventually become one of the most sought after and expensive wedding photographers in Chicago. 

Age 25: Achieves basic fluency in Italian.

Age 28: Has two solo shows in Italy and his first book is published in Rome.

Age 29: Visits 29th country in as many years.

Age 35: Wins a bunch of photography awards and by now has work published in every major wedding magazine in the country. None of that means much to him, but he still feels compelled to list it here.

Age 36: Galerie Rivière Faiveley invites him to exhibit his work in a two-person show in their gallery in Paris.

Age 38: Has early onset mid-life crisis. Buys a sports car and spends 6 weeks driving around the Southwest US. Decides he needs to drive more.

Age 39: Moves from Chicago, and begins driving across the US. Attempts to make a living off his art.

Age 40. Walks across Death Valley. Has driven over 10,000 miles since leaving Chicago. Is still making art, still driving.