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The 48hr Print Sale

12:21:13 | 12.19.2016 | Cape Arago State Park, OR

12:21:13 | 12.19.2016 | Cape Arago State Park, OR

This is one of my favorite photos from a forthcoming series on water. I shot it during my year-long trip across the United States. It was captured with a Leica Monochrom, a camera that can only record in black and white. As a result, it provides a much greater tonal range and about 3x the quality of conventional color cameras.

30x15" Archival C-print
Edition of 11.
Signed and numbered.


This is a (micro)crowd-funded project. I can only afford to make the print if 11 people pledge. If the funding is unsuccessful, the original photo is destroyed, and you receive an immediate refund of your pledge. The pledge period ends at 23:59:59 | 3.15.2017 | PDT

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